A “high tech” pioneering treasure hunt. Participants use GPS devices to navigate around the camp finding hidden treasure. This is a great skill that campers can continue back home. A perfect way to mix technology and the outdoors. The GPS’s are also provided by Golden Valleys Lodge.


We introduce campers to maps, map reading and how to move accurately around a set course. We have two levels of orienteering courses catering for different age groups. Orienteering maps are also provided.


Campers learn the basic skills of cooking over an open fire. Experience cooking over a campfire and getting to sample the culinary delights you can make. Golden Valleys Lodge can also provide cooking forks, Jaffle irons and mixing bowls. However, groups need to provide their own ingredients.

Golden Valleys Lodge - Pioneering - Activities
Group activity - cooking


Each individual will be challenged to explore Main Creek as it flows through our property. Students can study topics such as plants, animals, food chains and pollution. Equipment and resource materials are available.


Hut Building challenges the participant’s creativity in designing and constructing a hut out of natural materials. Basic engineering and survival concepts can also be explored.


A blindfolded partner activity. Relying on trust and good communication. This activity encourages each participant to rediscover a number of their senses as they follow an exciting trail. The participants also have the opportunity to be both sighted and blindfolded.


Small teams work together to build and dress up your own hilarious looking scarecrow. All equipment and dress ups supplied.